While some areas and venues require increased support from DAS’s year-round, others only experience heavy traffic during brief periods throughout the year. For these sites, TCI offers the versatility and convenience of COW sites. A COW acts as a more cost-effective solution rather than building a DAS site that will only be utilized a portion of the time. As the name implies, COWs are mobile cell sites that are housed inside a trailer to be pulled behind a truck or they are built into the truck to drive it to its destination. These sites come in a variety of sizes and coverages to suit every situation’s needs. TCI handles every aspect of the COW from start to finish, including housing them in our facilities. COWs provide the convenience of being able to build and perform maintenance on the site in-house long before it is deployed, reducing the amount of time spent on location where there are often constraints on space and time. Once built, TCI handles the deployment and setup of the COW, support while the site is live, and breakdown and return of the COW after the event is over. TCI performs regular maintenance and testing on the COWs to ensure that they are always available in an emergency situations that cause loss of service such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and heavy ice.